I am an undergraduate at KAIST, majoring in Industrial Design. Currently, I am in preparation for KAIST’s ID graduation exhibition in 2017 and working as a research intern in KIXLAB. I have worked on eclectic areas as an illustration artist, as a UI/UX designer, as a web application developer, and as a design researcher. My primary interests are in both graphic design and personalized interaction design in charge of visual and physical methods of communication such as customized one click button which changes its role catering for users’ situations. Simultaneously, my research interests lie in human-computer interaction (HCI), crowdsourcing, and data visualization & physicalization. I’ve been building interactive systems, in which diverse pieces of information are dynamically materialized to create interactive interfaces.

I am looking for a Ph.D. position and applying to broaden my perspective and explore interactive data in depth through researches in reprocessing data using personal fabrication devices. I think every type of data is worth looking inside, and visualizing them will make them more accessible. In addition, data are illustrated as physical objects using 3D printers and laser cutters in recent studies. I want to go a step further from the materialization of the data and create something interactively changeable by users. Now, I am exploring several themes in this field and to go further, narrowing my research topic down. If you are interested in working with me or in my fields, please contact me.

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