ScienceWar is a yearly contest between KAIST and POSTECH which are the major universities of technology and science in South Korea. In the contest, undergraduates not only play sports such as soccer, basketball, and baseball, but also compete each other with other games like science knowledge quizzes and hacking contest. By ScienceWar, KAIST and POSTECH students interact each other and dream a better world together.
In 2013, SPARCS took a role of developing a website for broadcasting games of ScienceWar, while the ScienceWar planning team had used existing platforms such as facebook and twitter before 2013. Our team could use just only a few days for this project, so we designed and developed the site for 64 consecutive hours.
Team members: Jonghyuk Jung, Changje Jeong, Kyumin Sim, Seok Ju Hong, Taehyun Lee, Gihoon Yum, Joonsung Lee, Chang Won Lee, Jae Eui Ma, Jihyang Bak


Head Designer / Head Front-end Web Developer
I took a main role in designing user interfaces and planning user page flows. Also, I mainly developed front-end part of this website, porting static design templates to live codes.