Colorful Sound

In-class Project, ID308 Interaction Design, 2014 Fall.
Advisor: Tek-Jin Nam / Team Members: Jonghyuk Jung, Hankyung Kim.

Final Project, Colorful Sound: Recording sound with drawing for enjoyable education.


Many children feel boring or hard with learning something, and their parents feel also like that. The education should be more interesting and enjoyable for them. These days, to solve that situation, many products are designed and introduced to parents.

This product, Colorful Sound, helps children to learn about principles of storing devices with enjoyable drawing. It is not stressful for them because it uses very natural drawings such as their scribbles and then also those drawings are strange, this product will make beautiful sounds for children’s sensitivity. And Colorful Sound will be helpful and interesting to children who like music. Because it has a rule for making sound, children can easily make their own sounds whatever they want to create.

Final Report

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