Color Experience Design with Crowdsourced System for the Visually Impaired

Undergraduate Research Program, KAIST.
Advisor: Youn-kyung Lim / TA: Dajung Kim / Team Members: Jonghyuk Jung, Sungbae Kim.


Jonghyuk Jung, Sungbae Kim, Dajung Kim, Youn-kyung Lim


There have been several solutions for improving the accessibility of visually impaired people such as screen readers, screen magnifiers, and Braille interfaces. However, people with visual impairments still far from the visual elements of daily life and one of the biggest issues we found was the trend. Then we started from delivering them information about colors which have an important portion of the public trend.

We tried crowdsourced color lexicons as a solution to give thoughts and emotions about colors to the visually impaired because trends are formed by the public. After gathering various expressions by online surveys, we created a web-based prototype for testing our concept. Our prototype was designed to be familiar with online shopping experiences which have high accessibility than going to department stores or markets outside, and we recruited three visually impaired people and did the user study. And we got three important findings through our study.

First, crowdsourced color lexicons helped visually impaired people to imagine colors concretely and clearly. And second, the visually impaired can understand colors from the expressions they can comprehend. The last finding is that people with visual impairments have also their own tastes on fashions but it is hard to pursue their styles due to limitations of accessibilities.


Crowdsourcing; Color Lexicon; Visually Impaired; Trend; Clothes; Online Shopping; Accessibility


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