C-Through: Visualizing Objects and Their Relationships in Living Spaces with Social Media Images


Jonghyuk JungHyeungshik Jung, Juho Kim


As more people share images of their daily lives on social media, industrial designers increasingly rely on these images to discover design opportunities. We ran two workshops to better understand how designers use social media images in the design process for products in living spaces. Designers reported that exploring large-scale image repositories presents challenges in both identifying an overall trend and searching for specific keywords or objects. They also commented that they often ask questions about positional relationships among objects in images to understand user behaviors. We present C-through, a web-based collage visualization interface that supports exploration of an aggregated scene of users’ living spaces captured by social media images. Results from a user study show that designers could rapidly explore a large-scale image repository with C-through. Designers also identified design criteria on product ideas using spatially related objects and derived user behaviors that span multiple objects.


Project manager, and main researcher.


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